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Friday, April 25, 2014
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 End Times Warrior Training Conference



The End Times Warrior Training Conference will be held May 23-25, 2014 featuring special guests speakers Robert Misst, Jill Shannon, and Bernard Lee! There will 2 sessions on Friday (11 am and 7pm), 3 on Saturday (starting at 10 am) and 2 on Sunday (10:30 am and 7pm). Registration is $15.00 per person and can be paid by calling the church office at 314-521-6525 for payment details. Seating is limited so register today! Also before calling, please register on the "Contact Us" Page under "End Time Warrior Event"


 Robert Misst Bio:

Robert (Bob) Misst was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1974. Prior to his baptism of the Holy Spirit, Bob drifted from the Christian faith while at university when he read the books of Bertrand Russell, the famous British atheist, philosopher, mathematician, scientist and prominent writer, who influenced his thinking and young mind to choose atheism over Christ in his life.

When he met the Lord Jesus Christ in 1974, he struggled hard to surrender his complete life to Christ as he was working on his professional career as an accountant. In the mean time, he served on various church renewal programs. In 1981, he helped establish a Covenant Christian Community, a branch of the Sword of the Spirit, an ecumenical International Covenant Christian Community, in Mumbai, India). In 1987, a major change took place in his ministry. God called him into prophetic intercession for the nations. He and his team lead night vigils of worship and intercession for the city, the church and the nations. This drew crowds of over 1500 people spending a whole night of worship and intercession in the heart of Mumbai city. He and his team travelled to many parts of India teaching prophetic intercession to the body of Christ. Gradually, the fire of intercessory prayer spread across the nation of India. Between 1989 and to this day, Bob has travelled with intercessory prayer teams, which include internationally acclaimed bible teachers like Derek Prince, Lance Lambert, Johannes Facius, and others to many nations across the globe, (China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Uganda, South Africa, Israel, Nepal, Germany, Italy, the UK, Argentina, Mexico, the USA and Canada and some Communist nations) .Bob was also a speaker at the Prophetic Conference in India Oct 2011and at the Open Heavens Conference in Egypt/Jerusalem Nov/Dec 2011. Bob has been in the prophetic ministry to nations for over 20 years.
In 2002, the Lord called Bob to move to New Zealand. He and his family currently are New Zealand citizens, and live in Auckland. In 2005 with a team of 11 others, he travelled the length and breadth of New Zealand, praying for the nation to open up to the Lord. Bob works with intercessors and prophets in New Zealand.
Jill Shannon Bio:

Jill Shannon is a Messianic Jewish Bible teacher, author and singer/songwriter. Growing up in a Jewish home, she accepted the Lord in 1973. In the 1980’s, Jill and her husband immigrated to Israel, learned Hebrew and gave birth to three children.

Jill has authored five books, produced eight worship Cd’s and one 12-part DVD teaching series. Her fourth book and DVD teaching series is called, “Israel’s Prophetic Destiny: If I Forget Jerusalem.” Check Jill’s website for details.

Jill currently speaks and writes about the worship of Heaven, holy living, intimacy with the Lord, the biblical Feasts, Israel and the Church. She is also a worshiper and singer/songwriter. Her newest worship CD’s are “The Seven Spirits of God,” and “Song of the Beloved,” which goes with her newest book, “Beloved: Unveiling the Song of Solomon.” You can listen to clips of all her music on her website.

Jill presently resides in Israel with her husband and daughter. She has a married son and daughter-in-law, two grandchildren, and another daughter. To order or learn more about her books and listen to clips from her worship CD’s, and to listen to free teachings, go to her website. To contact Jill, email:




1200 S. Florissant Rd.
Cool Valley, MO 63121